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Is my phone compatible ?

Please view our list of Supported Phones

How to order from ?

Click on the item of your choice or the "Buy" button next to the ringtone of your choice, and you will be presented with the following Order Forms. In this example we have used the window which will be presented to customers from the UK, other countries will show similar windows.
Order Form 1: Provide with all necessary details to process your order.
Order Form 2: Pricing information. No payment has been taken. Please select your prefered method of payment.
Order Form 3: On this screen you are asked to start your payment. You can see the status of your payment online. In this example the "pay by your phone option" has been selected.

Is a subscription service ? is Not a Subscription Service. This means NO membership, no registration and no "weekly" ringtone(s) or logo delivered to your phone. You will only be billed ONCE for the ONE item you have ordered via PayPal, CreditCard, Text or Phone. If your selected payment option is "Text" or "Phone" all charges will be applied to your wireless bill, or in case of prepaid service deducted from your prepaid balance.

How do I pay for my order ?
Pay by Phone
Some cell phone operators may charge more so we recommend you use a landline. You can check the status of your payment (in real time) online.
Pay by SMS
You will be instructed to send a SMS text message (example: text 1234567 to 0912345); you will receive a confirmation message.
paypal accepted Pay by PayPal
Order secure using your PayPal account.
credit card accepted Pay by Credit Card
Order secure using your CreditCard (VISA or MasterCard).
Premium costs do not cover your normal line rental and wap connection costs as charged by your network carrier. These costs depend on your personal line rental plan.

For pricing details of the item you are ordering, please also see the pricing information which is provided during the ordering process.

Benefits of ordering from

1. No Membership required.
2. Only pay for the item you like.
3. Choose your own method of payment.
4. No unwanted text messages
Download instructions for newer phones.

  • Polyphonic Ringtones
  • MP3 Ring Tones (*);
  • MP3 Voice Tones;
  • True Tones;
  • Mobile Phone Wallpapers;
  • Mobile Games;
  • M-Cards;
  • Animated Screensavers.

    To complete your download for listed items, make sure WAP (also called Mobile Internet) is activated on your phone and supported by your phone network.
    MP3 ringtones are not the artist's original recording. Artist names are used for recognition only.

    If you continue to have trouble downloading your content, please Contact Customer Service for further assistance.

    Download instructions for older type of phones:

  • Standard (Monophonic) Ringtones;
  • SMS Picture Messages;
  • Screensavers;
  • Operator Logo's.
    After completing the order process (see above) at, your item will be send to your phone. A message on your phone will be displayed on the phone screen saying "New Ringtone/Logo Received". You can either save this directly to your phone (press options > Save) or if you prefer it is possible to listen/view first (press options > playback/view). To activate your new ringtone locate the profiles or options menu on your phone and select your new ringtone ("save ringtone").

    What is "WAP" ?

    WAP is short for Wireless Application Protocol which is a secure specification which enables users to receive information almost instantaneously.
    WAP allows users of hand held devices such as phones, mobiles phones, communicators and two way radios to access information very quickly.
    WAP devices with a display unit such as a mobile phone can use an inbuilt browser called a micro browser to access WAP enabled web content via their phone.
    WAP supports almost all operating systems and most networks. By some network carriers WAP is also referred to as "mobile internet."

    Problems with your order ?
    Please contact Customer Service if you are experiencing problems with your order, download or other technical questions.
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