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Pricing Information (Single Purchase, No Subscribtion Service !)

How much does ringtone or logo cost?

A la carte Purchase: Order the one item you want right away from our a la carte price list with no monthly commitment.
usa USA usa United Kingdom
Polyphonic Ringtones $ 1.99
MP3 Ringtones $ 1.99
Voice Tones $ 1.99
Name Tones $ 1.99
Mono Ringtones $ 1.99
Sound FX Tones $ 1.99
Mobile Wallpapers $ 1.99
Animated Pictures $ 1.99
M Cards $ 1.99
Operator Logos $ 1.99
SMS Picture Messages $ 1.99
Phone Games n/a
Polyphonic Ringtones 1.50
MP3 Ringtones 1.50 / 3.00
Voice Tones 1.50 / 3.00
Name Tones 1.50 / 3.00
Mono Ringtones 1.50
Sound FX Tones 1.50
Mobile Wallpapers 1.50
Animated Pictures 1.50
M Cards
Operator Logos 1.50
SMS Picture Messages 1.50
Phone Games 3.00
usa Australia usa Ireland
Polyphonic Ringtones $5.00
MP3 Ringtones $ 5.00
Voice Tones $ 5.00
Name Tones $ 5.00
Mono Ringtones $ 3.00
Sound FX Tones $ 5.00
Mobile Wallpapers $ 5.00
Animated Pictures $ 5.00
M Cards
Operator Logos $ 3.00
SMS Picture Messages $ 3.00
Phone Games $ 5.00
Polyphonic Ringtones 2.00
MP3 Ringtones 3.00
Voice Tones 3.00
Mono Ringtones 2.00
Sound FX Tones 2.00
Mobile Wallpapers 2.00
Animated Pictures 2.00
M Cards
Operator Logos 2.00
SMS Picture Messages 2.00
Phone Games 5.00

Our Downloads are available in 16 countries, please click on the download (ringtone, wallpaper etc) for your local Pricing Information !

How do I pay for my order ?
Pay by Phone
Some cell phone operators may charge more so we recommend you use a landline. You can check the status of your payment (in real time) online.
Pay by SMS
You will be instructed to send a SMS text message (example: text 1234567 to 012345); you will receive a confirmation message.
paypal accepted Pay by PayPal
Order secure using your PayPal account.
credit card accepted Pay by Credit Card
Order secure using your CreditCard (VISA or MasterCard).

For pricing details of the item you are ordering, please also see the pricing information which is provided during the ordering process.

Premium costs do not cover your normal line rental and wap connection costs as charged by your network carrier. These costs depend on your personal line rental plan. Please check your personal line rental plan for more information.

Is a Club or Subscription Service ? is Not a Club or Subscription Service: NO membership, NO registration and NO "weekly" ringtone(s) or logo delivered to your phone. You will only be billed ONCE for the ONE item you have ordered via PayPal, Text, Phone or Credit Card.